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31 May, 2022

Blog: Welcoming 92 Degrees to Triptych Bankside; not all coffee shops are created equal

92 degrees

By Christian Stocker, Acquisitions Director

A long time ago I was asked to write a research paper on how real estate impacts people that spend time in different types of space.

Attempting to kill two birds with one stone, I chose a well-known branded cafe for my research and settled in for the morning. After 20 minutes of people watching and sipping my much too large latte, several things became obvious.

The first was that my comfortable looking chair wasn't actually that comfortable and that everyone around me was talking very loudly.

The music was a little louder than one would like especially if engaged in conversation, so borderline shouting was the only option. I also realised that I was actually quite cold.

When I first walked in I remember thinking how cool I’d look sitting in my leather chair in the corner with the logo of the mug facing outwards for passers-by to witness. How cool was I? Well too cool as it turns out, so I asked the barrister why it was so cold. “This is the standard temperature we are told to set - it's cold isn't it.” he said.

The entire atmosphere was clearly designed for one purpose, to make you come in and spend money but make you subconsciously uncomfortable.

I'd fallen for the company’s marketing wizardry. I ordered an oatmeal and raisin cookie to console myself for being a fool, as I contemplated further and made notes for my paper. Although many times I avoid falling for the same trap, as Al Pacino says "they pull me back in". And soon enough I have a pint-sized coffee, even though I never specified the size.

I love coffee; 2-4 cups a day depending on what’s happening and so where I get my coffee is important – it’s part of my day, a great place for a chat and good for my brain. It helps me with my game face as I navigate the peaks and troughs of the day.

So where am I going with this story?

Well, the good news is that we have just announced 92 Degrees as the café partner at Triptych Bankside. This highly ethical company puts much emphasis on provenance and supporting sustainably-focused farmers, including coffee beans roasted in its own facilities to maintain the highest quality, not to mention its beautifully designed interior spaces.

Even better for me, is that now I’m based full time here, I am fortunate to have the best coffee in London in my office. Friendly, socially responsible and with locally-sourced goodies all about 12 metres (vertically down) from my desk, with comfortable chairs and relaxing low level music in case you are wondering. You can look cool but not be cold!

Come to see us and find out for yourself.